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Opportunities to help the pioneers of Israel's Heartland

Become a partner with us in the ongoing work to Stand for Israel and Stand for the Promise by setting up a monthly donation. Your monthly donation will help provide these activities and needs:


  • Legal advice for pioneers

  • Legal defense of Jewish human rights

  • Redeeming the land of Israel

  • Agriculture projects

  • Humanitarian needs for Jewish pioneer families

  • Establishing new villages

  • Planting orchards

  • Health equipment for small villages

  • Fighting BDS on behalf of small businesses

  • Small office and staff support


...and many more activities that contribute to fulfilling prophecy and keeping the promise.

Click the Donate button below to give a one-time or recurring monthly gift of any amount via credit card or PayPal.

To donate by check, send your gift to:

Or Ami

PO BOX 1867

Austin, TX 78767

Donations are tax-deductible and end-of-year donation statements will be sent to donors each January.

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