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Meet Nati and Yonat Rom

Nati Rom is a native Israeli who felt a strong call to the defense and redemption of Israel’s Heartland early in life. Nati is dedicated to the important task of redeeming the Land of Israel through work as an attorney, builder of new villages, provider of humanitarian aid, and public speaker. He has defended hundreds of pioneers in court who have been arrested for exercising their rights on the Temple Mount as well as in Judea and Samaria. In 2012, Nati and his wife, Yonat, founded Lev HaOlam, an anti-BDS organization, and have recently branched out to other endeavors including medical support, education, security and agricultural activities. In addition to providing help to fellow Heartland pioneers, Nati is involved in activities to create a deep connection between Jewish communities and their allies across the world. Nati speaks in multiple countries every year about life in Judea and Samaria in order to establish and strengthen connections between pioneers and their international supporters.

Nati, Yonat, and their six children live in Esh Kodesh near Shilo, the first capital of ancient Israel. Together, they work diligently to transform calls for the destruction and dismantling of Jewish life in Israel into building and broadening Jewish life there as they take an active role in redeeming the Biblical Heartland of Israel. They welcome you to also take an active role and come visit them in their home, tour the Land, or even invest in Judea and Samaria through purchasing land there!

Meet Nati an Yonat Rom


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